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Our blog is designed to assist in the growing of your child’s gross motor development through a strategic use of toys and play, as well as, assist in the athletic development of your little “baller” through adulthood. Our eclectic mix of therapists and their backgrounds as well as researched topics and multidisciplinary approach will combine to yield information for parents, teachers, coaches, and athletes.

Our authors and contributors have a wide range of knowledge and approaches that can help yield success for all children, teenagers, and adults alike. Dr. Robert Rojas PT, DPT has an advantageous background in sports both in rehab and prevention tactics, as Dr. Rebecca Kilgore PT, DPT, BCaBA has a significant background in physical and behavioral therapy to involve children with developmental delays and special needs.


Dr. Rebecca Kilgore PT, DPT, BCaBA

Co-Founder & Author

Dr. Rebecca Kilgore PT, DPT, BCaBA started her career in child development working as a behavioral therapist with children ranging in ages from newborn-22 years old. She has worked with neuro-typical as well as developmentally challenged children and their families. After many years as a behavioral therapist, she attended graduate school at Nova Southeastern University, where she graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She has experience in sports and developmental pediatrics and enjoys using her experience to help children succeed in the activities they enjoy.


Dr. Robert Rojas PT, DPT, OCS

Co-Founder & Author

Dr. Robert Rojas, PT, DPT, OCS graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and is currently residing in Houston Texas. Growing up, he was always involved in sports, playing soccer and occasionally running races. He continues to stay involved in sports, however currently is focused on helping others return to sport following injuries as well as reach optimal performance in the sports they love. He enjoys providing evidence and experienced based content to improve safety, performance, and training to all of your future sports stars.

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