ACL Prehab: Glute Medius Training

As mentioned in the previous post on ACL risk factors and prevention, weakness in the hips can be a culprit.

Knee stability is one of the most important aspects in running and in various sports. During dynamic movements such as jumping, squatting, landing, and cutting, stability at the hip, knee, and ankle are required. If there is weakness at one area, the whole kinetic chain (the leg) can become altered. One result is knee buckling during these motions (knee valgus). This improper movement pattern can add stress to ACL and other structures of knee during these athletic movements. 

The gluteus medius is one of the three glute muscles in the hip. This is the muscle that is responsible for controlling femur (thigh bone) from this valgus stress on the knee. Many times, exercises focused on this muscle get missed as the quads and hamstrings get the lime light for strength training programs. However, the glute medius plays an important role in providing knee stability and also improving athletic performance.

Here are 3 exercises that will help you strengthen your gluteus medius to improve lower limb stability and athletic performance. These have also been found through research to activate this muscle most effectively.

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Written by: Robert Rojas PT, DPT