Children’s Games: Coordination and Strengthening (series)

Helping our children grow is very important. Its what we sign up for as parents, caregivers, grandparents etc. Although we take it on like a “job”, it does not have to be boring, strenuous, or cumbersome. Instead, play and fun can be strategically manipulated to assist in strengthening, improved coordination, and much more.

This series will focus on easy printables, easy games utilizing household materials, and easy ways to manipulate games or the environment to help your child build the building blocks to a strong healthy lifestyle.

Today’s game consists of “Animal Walks”. Moving in different patterns can be both easy and hard. Connecting the dots between watching a movement, mimicking the movement, repeating the movement consistently over and over again, and changing the speed of the movement requires development of our brain to muscle connections. In children, this is very important to foster and one easy way to do this is with different animal walks.

Attached and available for free easy downloading and printing are a list of animal walks with descriptions. You can play a game by drawing a card, reading it, and completing the “walk”. You can also alter the game for those who are not yet to reading age by Mom or Dad reading the card or demoing the walk and letting your child “copy” you. To make these “walks” more challenging, and helping to improve coordination and strength in your child you can tell them to “speed up” or “slow down”. You can also increase the length of the “walk” from 5 feet to 10 feet or more. You can even make animal races where the “cheetah” races the “Seal” or the “alligators” go head to head.

No matter how you play make it fun and you can always add new animals to the list!

Download the animal walk cards here!