Glute Strengthening for Runners

Attention youth cross country and track athletes!

Let’s speak about importance of Glute activation. Youth running athletes run and run, usually forgetting to work on strength training. The benefits of strength training include improved running performance, increased strength, and decrease risk for overuse injuries.

Glute max strength, and more importantly proper timing/activation, can improve running performance. During the running pattern, glute max activation is required in multiple stages both concentric and eccentric.

There are tons of Glute exercises out there but aren’t all created equal. One exercise I liked from Running Rewired by @jaydicharry is called the band drive thru.

Keys: Band drive thru

 Place band around one thigh in the upper portion.
 Start with other leg behind leg with band, bending slightly at hips (like starting a race)
 Drive opposite knee up, while extending leg with band.
 Stand tall at end of movement.